AuditWhat is this

If we are looking from the solution point of view Audit is normally where you as the customer are un sure of your position and as such you want some to come in and confirm what your position is.  Now in order to come to this point you may require some odata-centrene to come in an audit your data centre or all of your workstations.

It is down to us to put together a solution dependent on your needs whether this is to manually go out to each machine and gather the required information or put together a more technical solution using agents that are installed on your hardware reporting back to a central repository.  The Audit method is something that will be discussed upon engagement.

We have in the past audited data-centres for a number of Blue Chip companies throughout the U.K. with the data gathered being used for various purposes from CMDB cleansing to the identification of redundant kit which could be removed in order to obtain cost savings from reduced supports costs, reduced energy consumption and the harvesting of unused software licenses.

Our staff are used to working in environments of a sensitive nature whether this is local government, financial or even heavy industry such as steelworks and in the past have held the appropriate accrediation whether it be Security or Passport for Safety which is needed to work in these areas.